Tips & Tricks

When you visit Hair Revue for the first time, you'll see for yourself that the girls are always offering up all kinds of beauty advice - from how to choose the right hair color to where brides can find the best florist around.

Take a look at some of what the experts at Hair Revue had to say in response to some commonly asked client questions across all different areas of beauty.

+ Tips & Tricks | Hair Cuts

"How often do I really need to get my hair cut or colored to maintain a fresh look?"

“To maintain your style or color, I always suggest a salon visit every 6-12 months for women, and about 2-4 weeks for men. With this timing, especially with color, you'll be able to keep up that healthy, beautiful look that you love, without risking the potential for over-processed hair.”

+ Tips & Tricks | Color

"I've decided to color my hair, but now, how do I decide what color is right for me?"

“If you're looking to bring the best out of your complexion, the right hair color is definitely key. You need to choose a color that will compliment your skin tone and not work against it. If you're unsure of which color would look best, be open to your stylist's suggestions - chances are, with all of their experience, they'll be able to steer you in the right direction.”

+ Tips & Tricks | Blow-Dry

"My hair always looks fantastic when I leave the salon, but after the first wash, I can never re-create the look that I left with. How do I re-create that “straight from the salon” style?"

“(Laughs) We get that question a lot. It's always so much better when someone else does your hair, isn't it? The truth is, though - you can achieve the look at home. All you have to do is break your damp hair into 3-4 sections (just like we do when you're in for a visit). Then, it's important to apply a smoothing product to the sections (my two favorites are Osis Body Me and Enjoy Oil) and use a boar round brush (the one with the thick concentrated bristles). Blow-dry from the top down, pulling the hair taught as you dry. Then, to lock the hair into place, press the cool button on your dryer - and tadda! After you've got the style you were going for, you can also use a light styling spray to hold everything together.””

+ Tips & Tricks | Eyebrow Waxing

"Any tips on maintaining the perfect brows?"

“Don't do it yourself! (laughs) Okay, so obviously I've seen a lot of unfortunate cases over-plucking, but in all seriousness, I would suggest getting waxed every 3 weeks. If you come into Hair Revue, we'll get you all cleaned up so that your tweezer-happy self doesn't leave your gorgeous brows looking a bit sparse”

+ Tips & Tricks | Bridal

"How can I show my stylist exactly how I want to look on my wedding day?"

“Definitely bring photos to your consultation. Rip some inspiring looks from any magazine, and show us what you're thinking. Most times, a picture gets us both on the same page - so that you get exactly what you want for your big day.”

+ Tips & Tricks | Highlights

"How do I keep my highlights looking vibrant, even after a bunch of washes?"

“I tell a lot of my clients that using professional products is the key to maintaining color. Enjoy Deep Conditioning Mask is a great one for illuminating the shine in your highlights and keeping your hair silky and smooth.”